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New 2024 Ferrari SF90 XX

1,016bhp Road legal track monster

The 1,016bhp Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and Spider have arrived, the first road legal 'XX' cars. Its performance has been raised to impressive new heights by an additional 30bhp, specific software logics and the use of radical new aero solutions, not least a fixed rear wing, the first to appear on a road-going Ferrari since the days of the F50.

The SF90 XX Stradale delivers the most efficient aerodynamic performance of any Ferrari road car, making it comparable only to that of the LaFerrari supercar. It delivers double the maximum downforce of the SF90 Stradale, improving grip and yielding a palpably faster lap time at Fiorano. The product of Maranello’s inestimable racing experience, this result was achieved by redesigning the cooling flow management for the thermal and electric components as well the engine compartment.


The SF90 XX Stradale’s signature element is most definitely the rear fixed wing, which was thoroughly researched, tested and developed on the track-ready XXs. This is an element with enormous aero potential and has been perfectly integrated into the car’s volumes, thanks to close collaboration with the Ferrari Styling Centre. Its shape was dictated by the need to efficiently hone the way in which the pressure field created by the wing interacts with the complex pressure and backpressure systems that develop around the shut-off Gurney.

The latter, also redesigned, has two configurations: LD (Low Drag) in which the mobile element is raised, minimising drag, while in HD (High Downforce), the mobile element is lowered, uncovering the fixed area. This generates an overpressure area, which deflects the incoming flow vertically to deliver the absolute maximum downforce possible: 530 kg at 250 km/h.


The SF90 XX variants have inherited the SF90 Stradale’s PHEV layout, in which the V8 engine is integrated with 3 electric motors, 2 on each front axle and one located between the engine and gearbox at the rear, the V8 power unit itself has been made more extreme thanks to increased average compression ratio achieved by polishing the inlet and exhausts tracts as well as specific machining of the combustion chamber and pistons. In Qualifying mode, the SF90 XX can reach 62mph from a standstill in just 2.3sec and onto a top speed of 199mph.

The soundtrack of the SF90 XX has also been enhanced to produce an even fuller, richer sound.

The interior is very much the same as the standard car except for extended use of carbon fibre on functional areas and special seats.

Prices for the SF90 XX start from £660,000 for the Stradale coupé and £730,000 for the Spider. However all 1398 examples (799 Stradale’s and 599 Spiders) are already sold.

Deliveries of the Stradale will begin in the second quarter of 2024, the Spider following on in late 2024.