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Value your

Value Your Car

Get a price guide from us if you are planning to sell your car. Please be aware price is only a guide based on mileage and condition

Factors Affecting the Value of a Car

Value Increasing Factors

Unique features like rear-facing camera for hassle-free parking and in-built multiple system gives an edge to your car. Some colours are more popular as compared to others. So, if your car is in high-on-demand colour, it will automatically enhance the value of your car. If your car has no scratches or stains and is in the perfect condition, it will worth higher than our guide price. A car with a full record of all services cost more higher than the ones that have certain gaps in the service record.

Value Decreasing Factors

When a car has got certain noticeable defects, it will obviously reduce the vehicle’s value to a large extent. If anything needs to be repaired, the value of a car gets reduced. The value reduction of a car can occur when there is no due to the present MOT or huge gaps in the service records. If your car has been sold several times before, its value will also decrease in the market.