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@automky's Porsche Boxster

Porsche Boxster Review/Ownership -
Ever since I was young and started to get into cars I had a dream of owning a Porsche!  
For me, growing up they were the cars I idolized in magazines, drooled over at cars shows and raced in games like GranTursismo. I think mainly the 911 had most of my attention and they still do to this very day, especially the 991 GT3 and GT3RS which is my dream car! My goal is to eventually own one of those.  
The first Porsche that I got into (and currently still own) is a 2015, 981 Boxster.  
I think this car is absolutely amazing in so many ways and I have very little negative points to mention about it. Whilst searching for one to buy, and comparing it against other Porsche cars valued around the same price it pulled me in for so many reasons over anything else.
Personally, I think it’s one of the best modern day sports cars you can get. It’s extremely good looking, sounds amazing and has enough power for the drive to feel exciting. I have the PDK gearbox in mine, and despite what people say or may prefer it’s actually flawless.
So eventually my final shortlist came down to the 981 Cayman VS. The Boxster. I just thought the Boxster has the edge because of being able to enjoy it with the roof down which is incredible as you get to enjoy the full sound of that screaming flat six engine! On a nice sunny day you honestly just can't beat it.  
Over the time of owning my car I’ve been making a number of visual mods to add a little extra flavor and to make it a little bit more personal to me. I genuinely think the car naturally has great styling but I knew it could be pushed further and have that extra edge to it. My goal specifically was to try and make it look a little more aggressive adding some sharper features with the spiltter, skirts and black details.
Here is a list of some mods so far:
- Nardo Grey wrap and black styling elements
- Acid Green Calipers  
- 20’’ JUDD Rims
- Techart Front Splitter
- Maxton Design side skirts  
- GTS Rear Diffuser
- GTS Rear Lights
- GT4 Side Air Intakes
- Carbon Fiber Ducktail Spoiler
- Black Porsche Logo, and repositioned lower
- SOUL Performance Black Chrome X-Pipe
- Racechip Throttle Response Controller
- Full Zunsport Mesh Grille
- Interior Upgrades, like Acid Green colour coded floor mats etc..  
- Aluminum Fuel Cap
- Dark Window Tint

I have a lot of long-term goals and my plans now are to increase the performance which I will be documenting over on my Instagram @AUTOMKY )

I've been really enjoying sharing my updates on my build so far and plan to keep going and connecting with people in the car scene. I have met and chatted with some great people so far and hope to attend more car shows this year and meet more people!

- Kieran