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New McLaren 765LT

Super Series Flagship gets Longtail treatment and 754bhp

McLaren has pulled the wraps off its new track focused Longtail model, the 765LT, the fourth in the Super Series range. The lighter, sharper and faster version of the 720S.


The 765LT is 80kg lighter than the 720S it’s based on, weighing in at 1229kg. McLaren’s twin-turbo 4.0-litre V8 also gets reworked with stronger and lighter forged aluminium pistons and a three-layer head gasket as in the Senna, a higher-flow fuel system, recalibrated ECU and a lower-back-pressure exhaust system, to take the power from 710bhp to 754bhp, and increase torque figures from 568lb ft to 590lb ft. The 765LT also has a 15% increase in acceleration thanks to lowering of the gearing setup, These developments result in a quoted 0-60 time of just 2.8 seconds.

2020 McLaren 765LT - static rear 

The 765LT’s relation to the 720S is obvious in its general design, but look closer and you can see the difference in detail, because of new aerodynamic parts to enhance downforce and high-speed stability. These comprise of the front floor, rear bumper, active rear spoiler, front bumper, splitter, side skirts and lengthened diffuser and has new rear styling accommodating four side-by-side titanium exhaust channels.

Other changes include a revised suspension which uses lighter springs and is stiffer at the front and back, new carbon-ceramic brake discs and pads, Formula 1-style calliper cooling ducts take braking distance from 125mph to a standstill in 110 metres, identical to the Senna.

2020 McLaren 765LT - on track 

Engineers claimed cutting another 80kg from the 720S was a nuisance all on its own, with the 720S already being the lightest in its class when it was launched. But managed by stripping 22kg of the alloy wheels by switching to ultralight forged alloy wheels with titanium bolts. Race seats that saved 18kg, taking away the air conditioning saving another 10kg and lighter carbon fibre panels, 14.3kg and even new coil springs that saved 1.5kg. Engineers say the 765LT’s lap time is 2.5 seconds faster than the 720S.

2020 McLaren 765LT - exhaust flame