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a45_rocket running 490bhp

'Loudest A45 in the UK'

Back in 2013 Mercedes entered the hot hatch game with their A45 AMG Powerhouse, the target was to attract a younger audience, something that was missing from AMG’s show rooms.

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The A45 back then was the most powerful hatchback on sale, with the most powerful four-cylinder engine in production, and not only is the A45 a special kind of AMG product, but it’s also a different breed of hot hatch. It's got a part-time four-wheel drive system to handle the 355 horses under the bonnet, and it was also expensive, starting at around £45,000. However, in 2015 Audi snatched the hot hatch crown off Mercedes with their RS3, which meant AMG had to up their game and did so by upping the A45’s power to 376bhp.

SAMG hashtag on Instagram - stories photos and videos 

Putting 376bhp in a hatchback meant it was capable of 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, turning it into a little rocket, perhaps that is why then this A45 has the Instagram tag a45_rocket!

Check out this cracking A45 AMG below , quoted as ‘the loudest A45 in the UK’ , straight piped, stage 2 with some crazy pops and bangs, and with an ecu tune this A45 is running 490bhp, and to also pull it out of a crowd its wrapped in satin energetic yellow metallic by Avery Dennison.

SAMG hashtag on Instagram - stories photos and videos

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