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New Aston Martin Valhalla

2023 production model aiming for Ferrari's SF90 Stradale

Aston Martin has pulled the covers off its ‘other’ hypercar, the Valhalla, whist the Valkryie was getting your attention up the Goodwood hill, the Valhalla was being sneakily shown on the other side of the estate, the Valhalla is pitched as a more usable car but still very much in the hypercar league.

 98 Aston Martin Valhalla official reveal rear

The new Valhalla is a radical, mid-engined Ferrari SF90 Stradale rival, concept car looks and a chassis set-up inspired by Formula 1 cars. As the Gaydon company's first plug-in hybrid model, with a hybridised V8, the Valhalla signs a new clarity of Aston Martin, It is also the first all-new model launched under the guidance of new CEO Tobias Moers and forms an integral part of the gallant 'Project Horizon' revolution plan for the brand. Under the plan, Aston will launch "more than 10 cars" by 2024, including the Valhalla, the closely related but less potent Vanquish supercar and the ultra-exclusive V12-engined Valkyrie hypercar.

97 Aston Martin Valhalla official reveal side 

The new hypercar will follow in the footsteps of the Vantage and DB11 in using AMG power, more specifically the AMG performance divisions twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8, which will produce 740bhp through the rear axle through an all-new bespoke eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox, which will also be used on other future Aston Martin models.

The original plan was to use a bespoke Aston Martin developed 3.0-litre V6, but that was soon axed because it would not have been Euro 7 compliant and "would have taken another huge investment that was really too big to bring to life".


The Valhalla's V8 has also adopted a pair of electric motors, one on the rear axle just behind the mid-mounted V8 and another at the front - combining to produce 201bhp and providing the Valhalla with a total of 937bhp - only 49bhp less than Ferrari’s SF90 Stradale.

Aston claims a 0-62mph time of 2.5sec, a top speed of 217mph and, crucially, a targeted record-breaking Nürburgring lap time of 6min 30sec.

Like the SF90, the Valhalla uses the electric motor only to drive in pure EV mode, which it can do for eight miles and at speeds of up to 80mph, but in normal driving situations, electric power is split across both axles as needed to supplement the V8's output. It reverses exclusively in electric mode, too, saving weight by negating the need for a conventional reverse gear in the eight-speed DCT, which has been fitted with an electronic limited-slip differential to improve traction and agility and can offer up two gears at once to allow the EV and combustion motors to operate in tandem.

The Valhalla’s V8 is said to be "the most advanced, responsive and highest-performing V8 engine ever fitted to an Aston Martin". Coupled to a lightweight exhaust system that exits through the top of the rear deck and contains adjustable flaps that give "an authentic Aston Martin sound character".

 96 Aston Martin Valhalla official reveal nose

An all new bespoke carbon fibre tub houses the all-new powertrain to give "maximum stiffness with minimum weight penalty". A goal dry weight of 1550kg will give the Valhalla a significant power-to-weight ratio gain compared to its class rivals, while aerodynamic boosting elements on the body – including huge venturi channels underneath and an active front splitter and rear wing – inspired by the Valkryie's F1-style set-up are claimed to generate 600kg of downforce at 150mph.

There is pushrod suspension at the front and a multi-link set on the rear, with the dampers and springs being set inboard to reduce unsprung mass, in track mode the entire set-up is stiffened and lowered majorly, and can also be raised to ride over speed bumps at low speed.

95 Aston Martin Valhalla official reveal rear end 

Aston Martin engineers were given free reign over the Valhalla design and without any unnecessary wings , intakes or outlets, the silhouette is much cleaner, Aston’s trademark wraparound grill still features at the front, with larger and rounder matrix LED headlights, a prominent roof scoop, forward-hinged dihedral doors, swooping rear deck and one-piece rear wing remain, but a completely new treatment for the front, rear and side bring the supercar into line with Aston’s other models.

The production-spec wheels are 20in in diameter at the front and 21in at the rear and wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tyres.

 94 Aston Martin Valhalla official reveal front badge

Aston Martin is yet to show the production spec interior but claims the Valhalla will offer a “pared back cockpit design with clear, simple ergonomics unashamedly focused around the driver”. It will be more spacious than the Valkyrie, with add-ons such as an infotainment touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, dual-zone air conditioning, a rear-view camera and a number of innovative driver aids strengthening its on-road credentials.

The Valhalla will be set to launch in the second half of 2023, Prices and availability have yet to be confirmed, but expect between £500k - £1M.

88 Aston Martin Valhalla official reveal exhausts