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Here we have my 1.4 TSI golf in reflex silver with the amazing R20 bodykit. The reason for purchasing a Mark 6 golf is due to the less popularity amongst people and more Mark 5 and mark 7 golfs being driven so i thought I’d get the 6 over the others as my first car. It holds a special place in my heart as it is my first car and have had the pleasure of owing the car for 3 years. Performance wise, its on a stage 1+ remap done by @ish.automotive with pops and bangs and big shotgun flames. When i day its loud, its loud. The car came stock and after being bored of the basic look, i went for a gti look at first, however I decided the look wasn’t me and i went all out with it from adding neon underglows, to a full maxton design kit and lastly slamming the rears on coilovers. The thing i loved about this car was the fact that it was a real head turner. Every where i go, i get noticed. The bad thing about this car, well other than the fact that it scrapes on speed bumps, nothing.

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